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17 dic 2020 · Aggiornamento: 18 dic 2020

I had a fabulous experience thanks to Dr. Tomasso Savoia

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I had consulted three plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Savoia. Each of the three told me that my breast surgery of 6 months before was such a disaster that they could not correct my breasts'. Each said that I would require at massive revision of at least a 4 hour operations and then a possible revision and that even then I wouldn't be happy. Dr. Savoia was so exacting, detail-oriented and so positive that he knew he could give me a good result. We was so impeccable in his observations and determinations that I was reassured immediately, and I went ahead happily with my breast reconstruction. The result, in less than 3 hours, was better than I had imagined and I will always be grateful to Dr. Savoia, who is a magician as well as an extraordinary surgeon. He used B-Lite Microthane implants which are 30% lighter, which would be good if you are considering large implants. Dr. Savoia can explain them much better than I. Again, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Savoia.


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