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Extremely satisfied.

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Parma (Città) · Creazione: 20 feb 2020 · Aggiornamento: 21 feb 2020

When I moved to a new country about 2 1/2 years ago, one of my biggest concerns was to find good medical care and doctors I could get along with. I’ve been dealing with skin cancer diagnoses for the last 10 years of my life and it is very important for me to get regular check-ups every six months. Because I moved to Italy but I speak very limited Italian, finding a good dermatologist that I could communicate with in English was my primary goal. Luckily I found Dr. Diana Graham and I have never been happier with a doctor's care, and not just by Italian standards but by my standards having lived in Manhattan, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut. Not only did I find an English-speaking dermatologist in Italy but I found the most professional and knowledgeable dermatologist I have ever visited before. I trust her with all of my current concerns and I know she will give me an expert opinion on any medical issues that might arise in my future. She has a wealth of knowledge about dermatology but she also has the most delightful beside manner and it's such a pleasure to go visit her. In fact, it makes going to the doctor something I genuinely look forward to, no matter what stressful skin issue I might be having.

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· Roma (Città)

· 21 feb 2020

Hi Ninasamuelsen,
Thank you for sharing your experience.
Could you specify what kind of treatment you received?
How did it go?
What was the cost of such treatment?
Do you have pictures before and after the treatment?

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